Some Forgotten Ayurvedic Rituals for the Newborn Baby

A baby’s birth is the most precious moment in the parents’ lives. They are surrounded by an environment of charm, happiness, and a new light. Along comes the responsibility of proper care and nurture which provides the base for a healthy life ahead amidst the modernized environment of diseases, infections, and stress.

Ayurveda has its roots in ancient times, and it very well emphasizes the traditional rituals followed since ages for the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of the baby. They have been forgotten by parents in modern times, waving it out just as a superstition having no reason, but the rituals have a scientific base designed for the overall care of the newborn.

It’s a very responsible task to become the parents of the newborn and overtake it in a good way, but in the right direction, it becomes better.

As a parent, you must follow these rituals for your newborn to welcome a happier life ahead.

1.   Sishu Abhyanga

This is the Ayurvedic way of massaging newborns in an upward movement across the body with some medicinal and fragrant oils. It rejuvenates the entire nervous system and relaxes the entire body helping with a sound sleep.

It strengthens the muscles of hands and legs helping with crawling, the fragrant aroma develops the smell senses and improves digestion and blood circulation aiding in the overall nourishment.

This is generally done by the elderly women of the family in the earlier years, later followed by the mother herself which improves the bonding between a mother and newborn.

The massage is to be continued for 10-20 minutes starting from putting oil in the navel after the umbilical cord has fallen off after two weeks and then massaging from head to toe, giving a relaxed sensation.

2.   Enhancing Immunity with Ayurvedic Gems

There is an age-old practice of making the newborn lick honey as soon as he is born.

It helps with mucus removal, provides immunity, aids digestion, and acts as an antiseptic.

One more ritual that has its base since ancient times is administering Swarnaprashan which has Ayurvedic herbs mixed with Swarna Bhasma which provides overall immunity in newborns from an earlier age.

Also known as Suvarnaprashan, it contains Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, and Vacha which help with improved focus, immunity, and relaxation.

3.   Exposure to sun and moonlight

Early morning sun rays from 5 am- 8 am are good for the baby, helping with improved immunity when the sun rays fall on the navel.

Exposing the abdomen, chest, and face area to sunlight helps with better production of vitamin D and absorbs calcium strengthening bones of the upper limb.

The moonlight at night helps in a calm and relaxed sleep with an increased level of melatonin and regulates the body’s biological clock.

4.   Singing Lullabies

It helps with cognitive development from an early age, helps the newborn to recognize sounds, and aids in brain development.

Enhances the bond between mother and child promoting safety and trust.

It is a part of our culture, the ragas used in lullabies which strengthen the traditional roots.

Helps with good sleep and nurtures the mind.

5.   Secluding the baby till four months

It is advised to the new mothers to keep the baby protected in one room till four months after birth without any visits except close family members.

It keeps the baby safe from external polluting particles, dust, noise, and infections in the air as the newborn does not have improved immunity.

It improves the bonding between the mother and child preventing postpartum depression.

The visitors also must be asked to wash their hands and clean themselves properly before holding them such that any external toxins they might carry do not harm the baby.


The COVID times made everyone realize the importance of Ayurveda when all of us resorted to Kadhas and traditional ways of washing our feet and cleaning ourselves before entering the house.

Till now many people have kept their houses fumigated to keep away external pollutants and many are resorting to the Ayurvedic lifestyle including Yoga and Pranayama in their lifestyle from kids to adults.

So, why not inculcate this age-old practice in taking care of the newborn and giving them a healthier life? This will help them stay connected to their roots and foster a sense of spiritual connection from an early age and will make them more advanced and developed, as these rituals have a scientific base and are not mere superstitions to be waved off.

Earlier, parents used to take care of their newborn babies with these methods and did not complain of postpartum depression, or unhealthy babies that have become common nowadays. Resort to Ayurveda ways and enhance healthier parenting.

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