Forest City Golf Hotel: Luxury and Relaxation

The premium Forest City Golf Hotel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is part of Forest City. The hotel is part of Forest community, a sustainable, eco-friendly community with a high quality of life for inhabitants and guests. This page discusses Forest City Golf Hotel’s offerings.

What Can Forest City Golf Hotel Provide

  1. Luxury Rooms: 298 rooms and suites of Forest City Golf Hotel overlook the golf course or sea. High-quality furniture and facilities make the rooms pleasant and comfortable. The rooms have green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting.
  2. Green Features: Eco-friendly elements make the Forest City Golf Hotel sustainable. Green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels minimize the hotel’s carbon impact and save electricity. The hotel emphasizes sustainable mobility using electric cars and bicycles.
  3. Fun Places: The Forest City Golf Hotel has beaches and a golf course. With beautiful vistas, the golf course is tough and fun for all ability levels. In Forest City, tourists may relax on many beaches.
  4. Food Choices: The Forest City Golf Hotel provides a variety of cuisines and styles for visitors. The hotel’s restaurants employ local foods and sustainable processes to provide wonderful meals while benefiting the local community and environment.
  5. Wellness and Rest: The Forest City Golf Hotel has a gym and pool for guests to workout and unwind. The fitness facility has cutting-edge equipment and personal trainers, and the pool is perfect for a summer swim.


High-quality lodgings, eco-friendly features, recreational facilities, culinary choices, and wellness services make the Forest City Golf Hotel a sustainable luxury experience. The Forest City Golf Hotel is perfect for golfers, nature lovers, and those seeking a luxury and sustainable vacation.

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