5 Ways to Get a Laptop For College

Without a laptop, it’s difficult to make it through college. Most college students don’t have the funds to buy a new laptop. Therefore, it is important to find alternatives that are within your budget.

Spending some time researching laptops may help you determine which type of computer is best for you and your budget. There are many ways to get a computer. It is just a matter finding the right laptop rental and retailer.

Colleges that Provide Laptops

Many colleges offer laptop computers to students for use at school. There are many ways to set these programs up, including:

  • The school will give you a laptop for use during registration. You can keep the laptop if you pass. However, you will need to return it if your circumstances change.
  • The school will provide a laptop at a lower cost than you would pay if you have financial aid.
  • The school will give you a laptop every year as part of your tuition or fees. The computer will still be your responsibility, although it won’t cost you a lot of money.
  • You can use the laptop in class but must return it to school after graduation. In many cases, however, the school may offer the chance to purchase the laptop for a significantly reduced price after you graduate.

You might consider looking into colleges that offer laptops if you don’t have a college account. Many universities and colleges that offer these programs can be found online. This allows you to continue your education while you’re at work. You should also check with your college to find out if they offer a laptop program.

Laptops available for rent-to-own

You can rent-to-own laptops to get the laptop you need at a fair monthly cost. Instead of paying for the entire cost of a new computer upfront, you can spread your payments over 12-24 months. You can use the computer for payments and credit development while you wait.

Laptops available for rent

You can rent your laptop from an electronics store if you don’t wish to go through a rent–to-own program. You’ll need to look around for one in your area. However, this is not a common option. You may be able to rent a laptop for a short time at no cost or for a fee from your library or institution.


Craigslist is an established online classifieds site. You can find a variety of college-related items on Craigslist, including furniture, gadgets, and TVs.

Although you might not be able to purchase a new laptop, it is possible to find a gently used laptop for sale in your area. Contact the person through the ad to see if they are interested in a deal.

Finance for a Laptop

Laptop financing can be arranged through the manufacturer of your choice. It will be similar to renting a laptop but you will purchase it directly from the company and not a shop.

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