How to Play Virtual Dog Racing Game for Real Money Extremely Easy 2022

Like many other sports betting genres, virtual dog racing is also very interesting and indispensable at major bookmakers. To bring many different attractive betting games, attracting many players to our house.
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New88 Likewise, the house has launched a virtual dog racing game on the system on its homepage. Therefore, in today’s article I will guide you to participate in playing virtual dog racing with bookmaker New88.

What is dog racing betting? What is a virtual dog racing tournament?

Dog racing is a phrase that is certainly not too strange to bettors. This is a race in which the characters to bet on are hunting dogs capable of running at extremely high speeds. The race is organized first in 1776 in England. The dog breed commonly used for dog racing is the Greyhound, which is considered a very fast and agile hunting dog breed.

Nowadays, there are many other dog breeds appearing on the racetrack, but the main ones are still the Greyhound breed, all of which are selected and undergo rigorous training by professional trainers first. when competing.

Based on that, the bookies have programmed a virtual dog racing game, the way of playing is completely similar to the real sport of dog racing. The dogs are modeled entirely on Greyhound-like dogs, and are completely random and very transparent.

At the same time, the house will also open up more choices, as well as more reviews and comments about the racing dogs, which will help bettors make more accurate decisions and win easily. Bet more when playing virtual dog racing at this bookmaker New88.

Rules for playing virtual dog racing

Virtual dog racing is a form of sports betting that is considered one of the most interesting betting games of bookmaker New88. The house owns a team of professional programmers with many years of experience in the industry, and has launched this virtual dog racing betting game. The results are generated randomly and are very transparent, bringing a sense of security to the house’s members.
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In particular, the games are strictly controlled by experts in the industry and are issued with full legal documents, so you can rest assured to join the house.

Basically, each virtual dog racing match has the same rules, the only difference is the betting odds as well as the specific rules applied to each round. The match can take place with 6 or 8 different dogs, depending on the race format of 680m or 720m,… and will be given different names, as well as wear shirts with different numbers.

The screen will rate these dogs with stars during which time the brothers will bet on which dog will have a chance to win this race.

After finishing the betting, the dogs are locked in cages and lined up horizontally. When all cages are opened at the same time, the virtual dog race officially begins.

During a certain time, the bookmaker will start to open bets, you need to choose to put your faith in the dog that you believe will come first in the race. Before starting the race, the bookmaker will close the bet, you need to complete the bet before this time.

Each race takes place in a short time, the length of the races will depend on the race length format. The reward results will be available immediately after the end of a race.

Instructions for participating in virtual dog racing at New88

Next, I will guide you to participate in betting on this virtual dog racing sport at bookmaker New88.

  • Step 1: First, visit the homepage of bookmaker New88.
  • Step 2: If you are not a member of the house, then register with a few simple steps, fill in information such as: Username, password, email,…
  • Step 3: Then, you proceed to log in and deposit money into your account. This is considered the initial investment capital.
  • Step 4: Next, you select the “Virtual Sports” section, then search and select the “Virtual Dog Racing” section.
  • Step 5: At the virtual dog racing hall, you will choose the appropriate racetrack, then place bets on the betting windows provided by the house.
  • Step 6: Each race takes place in an extremely short period of time, you need to pay attention to operate quickly and accurately, avoid missing out on each attractive bet. The results will be available immediately after the race ends, the bonus will be paid directly to your betting account without further action.

Note: When depositing money, you need to fully update your information before proceeding to deposit money. If you have any questions, you can contact the house’s support team directly for better understanding.


Above is information about the virtual dog racing betting game at bookmaker New88. Hopefully the above information will help you understand some of the bookmaker’s virtual dog racing. This is an address. Reliable betting, long-standing operation, very reputable and considered the number one choice for betting games. Finally, I wish you luck and success.

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