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Empowering Industries with Sunpower New Energy High-Quality Li ion batteries

Sunpower New Energy is a leading Li ion battery manufacturing company Sunpower New Energy, dedicated to providing high-quality energy solutions to empower industries. With a strong focus on innovation and customization, Sunpower delivers batteries that meet the unique demands of various sectors.

High-Temperature Li ion batteries: Unleashing Performance in Extreme Environments

Sunpower recognizes the significance of high-temperature lithium ion batteries  for industries operating in harsh environments. These batteries exhibit exceptional storage performance and cycle life even under extreme temperature conditions. By leveraging advanced technology and engineering, Sunpower ensures that their high-temperature batteries can withstand the toughest conditions, enabling uninterrupted operation in challenging environments.

Introducing the 2600mAh 3.7V 5C High-Rate Lithium-ion Battery 26P

One of Sunpower’s standout products is the 2600mAh 3.7V 5C High-Rate Lithium-ion Battery 26P. This battery offers stability, safety, and reliability, making it ideal for applications in demanding environments. It is specifically designed to endure harsh conditions and deliver consistent performance. With its high-performance capabilities, the battery caters to users with special specifications and requirements, ensuring they have the power they need when they need it.

OEM/ODM Service: Custom Solutions for Your Brand

In addition to their high-quality batteries, Sunpower also provides OEM/ODM services. This service enables businesses to enhance their brand by creating custom battery solutions that align with their identity and requirements. Sunpower’s expertise and technology empower businesses to develop batteries that meet their specific needs and enhance their products’ performance. With their OEM/ODM service, Sunpower builds long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and exceptional service.


Sunpower New Energy stands out as a leading Li ion battery manufacturing company, offering high-quality batteries that empower industries. Their high-temperature batteries and the 2600mAh 3.7V 5C High-Rate Lithium-ion Battery 26P are designed to deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments. By providing tailored solutions and their OEM/ODM service, Sunpower meets the unique requirements of diverse industries, ensuring businesses have reliable and efficient energy solutions. Choose Sunpower as your trusted partner in Li ion batteries and unlock the power to drive your business forward in this Thanksgiving Day.

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