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Done Power: Building Success Through a Professional R&D Team

Done Power, one of the top LED driver manufacturers in the industry, has established a solid reputation for its unwavering dedication to manufacturing high-quality products. With a primary emphasis on research and development (R&D), Done Power has attained remarkable achievements within the LED driver industry. This article delves into Done Power’s corporate culture, shedding light on their exceptional R&D team and their collaborative efforts with renowned universities.

Investment in R&D

Done Power recognizes the crucial role of R&D in driving innovation and product excellence.

  1. Commitment to R&D Investment: Done Power places a significant emphasis on allocating resources to support robust research and development activities.
  2. Ensuring High-Quality Products: By investing in R&D, Done Power ensures the production of high-quality LED drivers that meet the evolving needs of the market.

Expertise and Experience

Done Power’s R&D team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the LED driver industry.

  1. Composition of the R&D Team: With nearly a hundred professional engineers, Done Power’s R&D team boasts a wealth of expertise and knowledge.
  2. Technical Capabilities: The team includes senior engineers (40%) and intermediate engineers (30%) who bring a diverse skill set and technical acumen to drive innovation and product development.

University-Enterprise Cooperation

Done Power values collaboration with universities, fostering a culture of continuous learning and research.

  1. Partnership with Major Universities: Done Power has established close ties with prominent universities in China, facilitating knowledge exchange and research collaboration.
  2. Strengthening R&D Capabilities: Through university-enterprise cooperation, Done Power gains access to a continuous supply of intermediate and senior engineers, enhancing their R&D capabilities and fostering innovation.


Done Power’s success as a top LED driver manufacturer can be attributed to their focus on building a professional R&D team and their collaboration with universities. By investing in R&D and assembling a talented team of engineers, Done Power ensures the production of high-quality LED drivers that meet customer expectations. Through their partnership with universities, Done Power continually enhances their R&D capabilities, driving innovation and positioning themselves as a trusted leader in the industry.

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