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According to productivity studies , the average worker is productive for three hours of each eight-hour day. These productivity studies also show that workers spent 44 minutes on social networking, 1 hour and 5 mins reading the news and 26 minutes looking for new employment. These are all notable results. All of this takes place during normal business hours. If we consider the cost of labor in countries like the US, Australia and Israel, it becomes obvious that higher wages can lead to a greater motivation to achieve even higher efficiency rates.

One factor that can have an effect on productivity and effectiveness is the use of social media during work hours.

Distraction Potential of Social Media

The use of social media has increased significantly over the last ten years. This has had a significant impact on all aspects of our daily lives, including employment. Global Digital Overview 2020 data shows that there are 3.80 billion users of social media worldwide as of January 2020. This number has increased more than 9% since 2019, when 321 million customers joined. Our society is awash in media. How large is the user base for social media? Facebook is the most popular social media site, with 1.5 billion users. That’s roughly one in five people.

Social media is used by modern people to create addictive environments and fulfill basic social needs. Social cognition, self-referential cognition and the interpretations of social benefits influence this behavior. These social cognitive processes are supported by neuronal systems. For example, a social media user might think about how their audience would react to sharing information.

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Software to Monitor Employees

One way to combat the productivity problem caused by social media usage at work is to use employee monitoring software. Employers can use employee tracking software to record employee contact with customers. This will ensure that employees are productive and meet service standards.

Talks over the phone, via email and in live chats can all be recorded to ensure that certain efforts are being made and staff quality is maintained. Employee monitoring software is used by customer service managers to ensure that their staff are performing at the highest level.

These solutions are also useful for sales teams that are trying out different pitching methods or ways to ensure the right messages reach prospects. Companies can quickly determine which strategies work, and then change their course depending on how successful they are.

Best Workplace Monitoring software

An item must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Employee Monitoring Category:

  1. Customers and staff should not have to communicate via chat or telephone.
  2. To ensure consistent output standards, keep control of employee PCs.
  3. For future quality control, document interactions

Some companies that meet these requirements include Prodoscore, Desktime and Work Examiner. Many companies have discovered that employees activity to monitor can be a practical way to solve productivity problems while maintaining the quality and integrity of their goods or services.

Final Points

Monitoring employees is not inherently either beneficial or negative. It depends on your goals and how you use the information in your business. Employee monitoring can be very beneficial for your staff and your company as a whole, provided you respect their privacy. What is the best way to find out more? Employee examining software is your answer. Browse and you’ll see all the resources.

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