What can you expect from a mobile app development platform

Every day, thousands of mobile apps are added to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Each application is developed in a different way. A mobile app development company is the best way to get your app on the market. An app builder can assist you in designing your app, even if you don’t know how code.

Many people don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in app development. It is tempting to use an app platform for development because of this. These technologies are far more affordable than traditional development and allow you to create an app for a much lower price.

There are a few things you should know if you are considering using an app builder for your app. Many people don’t know what they should expect from an app-development platform. This is why I created this tutorial.

Expect Choices

You should expect the possibility of choosing from your app builder. You have more options when you use a mobile app developer platform.

Are you interested in creating apps for iOS? Android? Android?

You can decide what platform is best for you. Some app makers limit your options and allow only iOS development. Even if your goal is to launch an app on only one operating system, it will limit your future development. Avoid working with app developers from these other operating systems.

It is important to consider other options for the construction of your app.

  • You want to create your own mobile app?
  • Do you need some assistance getting things set up so that they look good from the start?
  • Are you looking to have it done by a team of professionals?

Certain mobile apps platforms allow you to choose between all or none. Either you do it all yourself or hire someone else to do it. These options are somewhat limited.

You should choose an iOS or android app development service that offers the greatest flexibility when it comes to how your app can be built. It is better to get some assistance if it becomes necessary, even if you are able to build it yourself.

You can make use of our platform to access a variety of development options.

Useful Resources

Even if you are designing your app all by yourself, it is important to not be alone.

There are many app development platforms that encourage you to do things on your own. It is not a good use of your time to spend hours, days, and even weeks trying to complete a basic activity.

Imagine trying to learn something new by yourself without any instructions. It will end in disaster. Don’t let your app suffer because you waste valuable productivity time. Look for a mobile app developer that offers useful materials.

  • Videos
  • Learning Centers
  • Customer Support
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks

These are the resources you need to have when building your app.

Design templates

You may be familiar with website builders. Wix allows you to create a website by yourself, even if your coding skills are limited. Instead of starting from scratch, you created a template that you then modified to fit your brand. It’s not hard to see the point.

A mobile app development platform that is top-notch can do the same. An app builder will help you choose a template design in the initial phases of development.

Remember our initial expectation? Choices. Every app is different. You should look for an app platform that provides a broad range of options such as the one above.

An app that is designed for a restaurant or a gym, or even an online store, will have a completely different design.

A design template should be easy to search by category. Each category should offer many options.

The template is just one step in your design process. Your app development platform will offer you thousands of design options. Here are some examples:

  • App icons
  • Loading screens
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Menu alignment
  • Backgrounds
  • Graphics
  • Button height
  • Button width
  • Placement of the button

This list could go on.

The builder can provide pre-set color schemes as an additional benefit. You can find a preset that matches the look and feel for your company here.

Your app’s success is directly tied to its design. This goes beyond what the app looks like. Effective design elements can improve the usability of an app.

Adding Features Should be Easy

What good is an application without features? A mobile app platform will offer a wide range of options. These will be the driving function of your app.

A plugin marketplace will give you a huge advantage.  You can add a plugin to any program and implement almost every feature that you might have in mind. You only need to maintain the plugins. The app platform will handle the technical work behind-the scenes.

These are examples of feature categories:

  • Integration of social media (Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Content
  • Media
  • Formulas
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer loyalty

For some ideas, check out our post about the best plugins to make your app successful. Expectations for a plugin need to be clear. A plugin can be added in just one click. This is an example of what I mean. Let’s say you wish to add a contact option in your app. Browse the plugin marketplace, then click the Add button.


It is an incredible experience to create an app from scratch. Anyone can create an app using the help of android and iOS app development services. This feature is available to anyone without any prior programming or technical knowledge.

Mobcoder has been used to build successful applications by hundreds of satisfied customers. You can also find additional examples in our case studies.

Every app development platform has its own characteristics. These expectations will guide you in choosing the right app platform. Get started on your app now! Joining up is free and takes only one minute.

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