Is it possible to get a blue tick by having an Instagram following?

Many people are eager to gain a lot more followers on Instagram. If you’re already well-known through other media channels, such as YouTube, politics, or YouTube, then you will be popular on Instagram. While popularity will get you blue ticks in the end, it won’t guarantee that many people will be able to do so even if they are quite popular on Instagram. They are still anonymous despite being widely covered by media and television.

Although there is no one way to obtain a blue tick on Instagram it is possible to do so through celebrities. There are many ways to get a blue tick on Instagram, but one thing is certain: you need to have a large number of followers. Now that you are aware of how many followers you need to get a Blue tick on Instagram, let’s talk about how to apply.

Is there a requirement to obtain a blue tick on Instagram

Instagram does not have a set of criteria that will allow you to receive a blue tick. However, anyone with less than 1000-2000 followers will not get the honor. We calculated that 10,000 Instagram followers is required to get a blue tick based on data provided by social media experts. It takes time to build up such large numbers of Instagram followers. offers genuine and spam-free Instagram followers at reasonable prices. This company has been around for a while. SMMOVO is the best and most affordable SMM panel for social marketing because they have been around for many years.

How can I apply for a Blue Tick on Instagram?

Once you have purchased followers through and fulfilled other requirements, the process to request the blue tick on Instagram will be simple. Complete a form, and then submit verifications. Here’s how it works:

  • After clicking on the settings icon in the Instagram app and selecting the account option, you can view the Instagram blue tick request form.
  • Once you have arrived at the page, you will be asked for your legal information, such as your name and id proof. Also, the type of work that you do (entrepreneur or musician, singer, artist or photographer). ).
  • After that, click submit.

Support does not reach you via email, but it will contact you through Instagram notifications once you submit. After you submit your request, it will take at least 30 days for the support team to respond.


You will have a greater chance of getting a blue tick on Instagram if you have more followers than you do. A blue tick on Instagram is possible by having a strong search engine presence and national media coverage.

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