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Elevate Your Education: A Level and O Level Programs at VWA

Victoria World Academy (VWA) offers exceptional A Level and O Level programs designed to cater to students’ diverse academic needs and aspirations. Victoria World Academy’s A Level and O Level offer academic qualifications to students in Singapore and other countries.

A Level Program

A Level, short for Advanced Level, is a rigorous two-year program typically taken by students aged 17 to 18. It is considered a pre-university qualification and is widely recognized by universities worldwide. Level subjects are more specialized, allowing students to focus on their areas of interest and strengths.VWA’s A-Level program provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that prepares them for advanced academic studies.

O Level Program

O Level, short for Ordinary Level, is a qualification typically taken by students aged 15 to 16. It covers a broader range of subjects compared to A Levels and serves as a foundation for further education or entry into the workforce. O Level qualifications are recognized internationally and are often a prerequisite for higher-level education or employment opportunities. Through a carefully crafted curriculum and dedicated instruction, students develop essential skills and knowledge across various subjects, laying the groundwork for their future academic and professional endeavors.


With VWA’s A Level and O Level programs, students can excel academically and achieve their aspirations. Through rigorous academics, personalized support, and a commitment to excellence, VWA empowers students to succeed in their educational journey and beyond. Join VWA today and embark on the path to academic excellence and success.

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