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Applications of SUNUA’s Halogen Free Polyolefin Compounds

SUNUA is a renowned cable compound industry brand offering advanced fire safety solutions. Their range of halogen free polyolefin compounds provides exceptional performance and compliance with environmental regulations. This article explores the benefits and applications of SUNUA’s polyolefin compounds, highlighting their contribution to fire safety and their environmentally friendly composition.

Electrical and Electronics Industry

SUNUA’s halogen free compounds find extensive use in the electrical and electronics industry. They are ideal for insulation and sheathing in power transmission, control systems, and telecommunications cables. These compounds offer exceptional fire safety, ensuring reliable performance in critical applications such as data centers, control rooms, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Construction and Building Materials

In the construction sector, SUNUA’s polyolefin compounds enhance fire safety. They are utilized in cables for fire alarms, emergency lighting systems, and other safety-critical applications. These compounds provide:

Reliable fire resistance and low smoke emission.

Protecting occupants and minimizing damage to structures in high-rise buildings.

Commercial complexes.

Public facilities.

Automotive and Transportation

SUNUA’s halogen free polyolefin compounds are also extensively used in the automotive and transportation industry. They are employed in wiring harnesses, ensuring fire safety in vehicles. These compounds offer excellent thermal stability, electrical insulation, and resistance to environmental factors, making them suitable for demanding automotive applications.


SUNUA’s halogen free polyolefin compounds provide a cutting-edge solution for enhancing fire safety in various industries. With their superior fire safety properties, environmentally friendly composition, and versatile applications, these compounds offer businesses a reliable and sustainable choice. Whether in the electrical and electronics sector, construction industry, or automotive applications, SUNUA’s polyolefin compounds deliver excellent performance, ensuring people’s and property’s safety. Embracing SUNUA’s innovative solutions is a step towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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